By matthew piepenburg

De-dollarization is a defining moment.

Matthew Piepenburg shares his views in this lengthy interview with Stansberry Research’s Daniela Cambone, covering the Fed, petrodollar and de-dollarization, bank risk and gold.

“The world’s reserve currency is not going to change.”

The US dollar represents 60% of the global set of currencies. Consequently, what is changing is the hegemony, the respect, the confidence in the US dollar as a payment system.

The BRICS countries began to trade with each other using alternative currencies because the Fed’s interest rate hikes made the US dollar too expensive. Foreign treasuries and foreign nations have been dumping US treasuries throughout 2022… $14 trillion in foreign debt must be paid in US dollars. The fiat game is not sustainable. This debt game is not sustainable. You can’t keep solving the debt problem with more debt. FedNow and other central bank digital currencies only serve to expand government control.

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0:00 Presentations

2:09 Why can’t the Federal Reserve be truthful?

6:37 False data from the Consumer Price Index

9:04 Petrodollar and de-dollarization

12:50 p.m. BRICS

17:56 Gold-backed currency

19:20 Central Rear Digital Currencies

25:50 How far are we from a true CBDC in the US?

27:40 Banking System

31:33 gold

39:00 Final Thoughts on the Market

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