Richard and I just returned from a two-week stay in Mazatlan, Mexico. Our biggest takeaway was how many Canadians were there at the same time. Seriously, at the pool, on the bus, at restaurants, and at the airport, we repeatedly ran into other Canadians, many of them from our province of BC and many from Vancouver Island! To continue this trend, old friends just messaged me to say that they just arrived in Mazatlan for a last-minute getaway and discovered they are in the exact same hotel that we just left.

This post is dedicated to all who have been, or plan to go for a Mexican getaway. We didn’t take the all-inclusive package, so this is a sampling of what was on our plate when we were there.

Being able to travel at low cost times of the year is a definite benefit of retirement. One of my posts highlighting some of the perks, as well as the considerations, of retirement was recently featured on Women’s Wealth Canada. I encourage you to check it out.

So what’s been on your plate recently? My cohost, Deb, and I would love for you to share.

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Prior to retirement, I lived and worked in Beijing China for fourteen years (Middle School Principal/Deputy Director at The Western Academy of Beijing). Leaving international life behind, my husband and I retired to Vancouver Island in June 2015. To document both this transition and our new adventures, ‘Retirement Reflections’ was born. I hope that you enjoy reading these reflections, and will be willing to share your own.
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