Can’t get enough of bananas (or have a few you need to use up)?
Can’t get enough of Harry Chapin?
Need a fun pick me up?
Then this post is for you.

Despite the rather awkward audience at the start of the video (seriously, was that the best they could get?), whatever you do, PLEASE. DO. NOT. SKIP. IT. It is worth watching the full performance. You won’t be disappointed!

Just plain fun, especially when you sing along from your kitchen!

Now On to the Food Part:
I’m dreadful at following a recipe — even when baking (disasterous, l know). But I love scouring numerous recipes and combining them into one that is right for me. This banana muffin recipe is a great example. And with relatively low calories (about 144 per muffin), sugar (less than 8 grams) and fat (7 grams), they provide you with fiber, protein, calcium, vitamins A & C as well as some iron. And they can be easily adjusted to be dairy-free or gluten free. Although I frequently bake muffins, Richard liked this recipe so much he asked me to write down what I had done so he could make some himself. Me write down a recipe? Richard bake? Shock and awe on both accounts!

Have a dish or a food song to add? I’d love for you to share it in the comments or the link up below.

(& Deb co-host)

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