After a whirlwind late December/early January filled with family, friends, festivities, and food, Richard and I gifted each other a small getaway with warmth and winding down as top priorities. Although the winding down part didn’t exactly happen, the weather has been fabulous.

On my Facebook page, I posted random pics from our travels each with a single heading. What I didn’t mention was that each caption is the title of a literary work (hint: one is a poem, two are songs, the rest are novels — three of which have been made into movies). Ready to play?

Here are the photos with their captions as posted (in chronological order):

Stairway to Heaven

And here are the authors/artists (in alphabetical order):
Michael Cecchi
John Donne
E.M. Forster
Amy Holden Jones
Colleen Hoover
Gordon Lightfoot
Robert Plant/Jimmy Page
Joanne Tracey
Virginia Woolfe

How many titles with their authors can you match (without Google, AI or phoning a friend)? Please let me know in the comments below.

As always, Debbie, Jo, Sue and I would love for you to join us to share What’s Been On Your Calendar. We look forward to hearing from you.…

This officially concludes my blogging break. As a health issue has arisen with my parents (thus the lack of winding down) Richard and I will head back to Kelowna from here. I will do my best to keep in touch.

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