Many people commented yesterday on my post on financial education for young people. I appreciated that.

It became clear that there are several resources available, of which the best produced is probably that of Marin Lewis and various associates. They have produced four versions of an educational book on this topic, one for each UK nation state.

The UK book content page is:

The tax pages say:

The book has some merits and also problems.

It is aimed at young people from 14 to 16 years old. I’m not sure why. I really doubt they are thinking about mortgages.

I think the section above on taxes is also too simplistic for that age range, let alone older. I’m not asking for an in-depth analysis, but this section should discuss a broader range of taxes, including the one all young people pay, which is VAT.

However, better this resource than none. But the issue that worries me is delivery and the need to encourage young people to access this (which they will not do through a book).

I hope the reasons for that concern will become more apparent this week, but thanks for all the contributions you’ve made – they helped me think.

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