Hypercycle (HYPC) token is available. Don’s miss it

The Hypercycle (HYPC) ICO is available. Do not miss it

hypercycle is a innovative platform which has a very attractive native token: HYPC. The company aims to create a crucial component, hoping it will enable fast and secure transactions between AI machines.

HyperCycle launched the ICO sale of the token on May 5, 2023. It will end on May 10, 2023. This BEP-20 token is currently trading at $0.085 per HYPC. The company wants to raise $1,200,000 from the sale. The total supply of coins is 2,147,483,648, but only 7.91% is available to buy at this stage. The platform also accepts only USDT in exchange for HYPC.

HyperCycle will develop brand new technology to help the broader adoption of artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies. The team members have been watching the development of various blockchain and Defi projects since 2008, when the Bitcoin whitepaper appeared on the market. They have a lot of experience and intend to use it to create something truly amazing.

Defi world has endless possibilities. It started with simple chains (although there is actually nothing simple about blockchains, except its concept, perhaps), and over the years, new features appeared on the market, such as smart contracts, algorithms and data structures, DAOS and even multi-layer networks. All of them are now part of the revolutionary new system that has changed the world forever.

However, while these chains, features, and tools have greatly increased the functionality of the new platform, much remains to be done to achieve global adoption of blockchain on a broader scale.

How does HyperCycle plan to contribute to that goal?

The HyperCycle team noted that while peer-to-peer platforms are much faster and more secure now than they were in the beginning, that’s still not enough. There are many things to consider such as speed, security, usability, scalability, and decentralization. The best platforms should incorporate all of this and more. The company aims to help them do just that.

In addition, the new platforms have many features, but they also have more weaknesses that hinder their adoption. And solving such obstacles is endless work. After all, when developers are done with one problem, five new ones appear with the new updates and developments. Even so, the company believes that its solutions will help enormously, especially in the field of AI.

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