Thursday, May 4, 2023

Muller: Law schools with the best and worst student debt-to-income ratios

Following up on my previous posts (links below): Derek Muller (Iowa; Academic google), Which law schools have the best and worst debt-to-income ratios among recent law school graduates? Update 2023:

The Department of Education offers incredible data on the debt and income of college graduates. Recent updates are available and we can see the data again. …

A good rule of thumb could be that “manageableDebt loads are those where debt is approximately equal to expected income at graduation, that is, a ratio of 1.00 or less. Only 20 schools meet that definition between median debt and earnings, and a few others are close.

Many ratios, however, are significantly higher than that. 59 have ratios greater than 2.00; Of these, 13 have ratios greater than 3.00. Just a couple of schools in the USNWR “Top 50” rankings cross the ratio of 2.00.

TaxProf Blog Coverage:

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