Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Law School Rankings: Federal Judicial Internships

Reuters, These law schools sent the majority of graduates to federal internships:

A relatively small number of law schools dominate the federal clerk hiring market. The 10 law schools with the highest percentage of federal employees produced a third of all employees nationwide this year, according to ABA figures.

Federal internships are prestigious year-long positions that are considered key credentials for other jobs in demand, such as associate positions at large firms and law professorships.

But relatively few law graduates have the opportunity to land those jobs. The latest data from the ABA shows that only 3% of the 36,078 law graduates in 2022 are employed by federal judges. The ABA figures do not break out employees by race, but data from the National Association for the Enforcement of Laws shows that 80% of 2021 federal employees were white. Asian and Hispanic graduates each made up nearly 6% of those employees, while 5% were black.

TaxProf Blog Coverage:

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