Starr to directly underwrite technical risks property insurance

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The company will now directly underwrite technical risk property coverage

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By Ryan Smith

Starr Insurance Companies has announced that effective April 23, the group now directly underwrites its property technical risk coverage through its own insurance companies.

The change concludes a 17-year relationship with Chubb, Starr said.

Starr said the transition from its complex risk and energy property business to its own insurance companies should be seamless for clients.

Customers will continue to work directly with the Starr team, who will use the same approach to technical risk management and offer the same levels of customer service and capability. the company said. The only difference is that Starr’s insurance companies will now be the designated entities that issue the policies.

“We have been writing complex risk and energy property businesses for more than 55 years,” said Richard Shaak, president of International Insurance and Starr Tech. “We thank Chubb for their support throughout this relationship.”

Starr Insurance Companies has a presence on six continents. The subsidiaries of the group insurance companies are domiciled in the US, Bermuda, China, Hong Kong, Malta, Singapore, Switzerland and the UK.

Starr Aviation recently announced the launch of a network to improve the safety of Starr-insured pilots and aircraft owners.

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