For the first time, I redeemed an old Singapore Savings Bond (SSB) that I subscribed to in March 2019.

This capital recycling bill costs $2. I should be able to get my $10k funds back, along with prorated accrued interest by June 2, 2023.

There it goes.

SSB’s April 19 tranche has only an average return of 2.16% over 10 years. It is running into its fifth year now yielding 2.12% a year, which looks attractive in 2018 but very low in today’s high interest environment.

So it’s obvious to get rid of it for the June 23 tranche, which yields an average of 2.81% over 10 years.

This June 2023 tranche is also not very attractive considering that other low or no-risk alternatives such as Treasury bills and bank time deposits easily yield more than 3.5% today.


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