You need a bag of floury potatoes, an onion, some eggs, and a ton of cooking oil. This will basically be a meal so full of fat, starch, and cholesterol that you’ll be able to hear your arteries harden as you eat it.

Peel about 2-3 times the amount of potatoes you would normally eat as a side dish if they were cooked and mash them with a grater. Unfortunately, we don’t have a grater, so this was one of those rare cases where the food processor came in handy. Also crush an onion to taste and add it with the potatoes.
Pour the shredded material onto a towel and wring out as much water as possible. It’s this step that will make or break the meal (and you).

Return the strips to a bowl (or in my case, the pressure cooker, since it’s similar enough to a bowl) and add flour. I prefer to add just a little flour and then keep adding eggs until the mixture is somewhat slimy, but there’s plenty of room to experiment.

Now use a frying pan (I prefer cast iron because it lasts forever and one can use metal utensils without damaging it) with lots of oil (several tablespoons per pancake). Make the pancake the size of your palm and as thick as a finger. My first pancake wasn’t too good (first pancake never is for some reason), but I quickly got the hang of it.

DW suggested having the pancakes with applesauce, which we did. I think mustard is also a good option.

My general opinion of this food: It’s just as unhealthy as French fries because of all the oil, but it’s also very filling for the same reason. It takes forever to make, especially if you don’t have access to food processors or child labor (Hey Mom! ). I’m not sure I’ll repeat this one, as I need my arteries to be at a certain level of performance.

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