May 26, 2023

PAC of Retired Americans Publishes Ads Warning Seniors About Social Security Threats If Congressional Republicans Refuse to Raise the Debt Ceiling

This week, Retired Americans PAC, an independent project of the Alliance for Retired Americans, launched a series of digital ads in 10 congressional districts and Washington, DC. The ads warn voters that Social Security checks could be affected if Congress doesn’t raise the debt limit and urge them to call their Representatives.

Default it would be devastating for retirees, who are often dependent on fixed income and have savings that are subject to the ebbs and flows of economic pressures. The federal government has more than $90 billion in benefit payments, including Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, due out in early June. If the government can’t send out the first round of Social Security checks at that time, beneficiaries who are 88 and older will face the greatest burden. Low-income beneficiaries will also be particularly affected. Late payments could create a vicious cycle that pushes more older people into poverty and food insecurity.

Saundra Cole, president of the Arizona Alliance, told the Associated Press what non-compliance could mean for older Americans in his community: “What I’m concerned about is the food banks and the electricity here because, you know, we’ve had deaths with older people because of the heat,” he said.

“Extremist Republicans are threatening to crash the economy to demand devastating cuts to the programs seniors depend on,” said Richard Fiesta, executive director of the Alliance. “We cannot allow these partisan games to continue. Please call your member of congress at 855-254-1564 and urge them to raise the debt limit and oppose cuts in essential services.”

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