Say hello to Sarita Povaiah, our Jedi Master of Product Content Wizardry, who seamlessly blends design and voice of the customer into a symphony of wonder!

With insatiable curiosity and an eagerness to learn, he embarked on his adventure with us in August 2014. He embraced the excitement of building a team, learning from his mistakes and thinking on his toes to fill in the gaps that arose.

During her interview, she was sure that the job was written for her. And wow, was I right! Her inability to pass up the opportunity to experience a new challenge and her ‘let’s dive in and figure out how to swim’ mentality has helped BankBazaar achieve milestones and leave a lasting impact on the field.

When the clock strikes 7:00 pm and the laptop closes, Sarita finds herself curled up in a comfortable armchair, lost in the captivating world of books. Sometimes, when creativity touches her shoulder, she throws herself into writing, drawing and even baking new dishes.

She speaks fluent Spanish! Not only is she fluent in Spanish, but she can effortlessly switch between 6 other languages. She has now embarked on a new linguistic quest to learn an eighth language: Japanese.

The only quote that he keeps in his heart is “The most meaningful way to succeed is to help others to succeed.”

Everyone who knows her would support this as she is fondly known by her colleagues as someone who can banish worries, show empathy and make you feel lighter.

We are delighted to have Sarita on board and look forward to witnessing her excellence and inspiration for professional and personal growth in others.

This article was adapted from LinkedIn.

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