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Create custom dashboards to help you uncover insights in your firm’s operations. Identify the questions you want answers to and use natural language processing to create visualizations that will help you see trends and alert you to problems in your practice. Share your insights with colleagues directly in the product, through scheduled reports, or presenting data live (no need to make a presentation).

Why it matters:

It’s important to do the work– we call this working in the business. It’s also extremely important to evaluate the work– we call this working on the business. With Insights, you can more easily work on your business. You can easily measure your performance against your goals, drill down into data to identify necessary behavior changes, and evaluate just how efficient you are and how you can become more efficient.

Business management is an entirely different set of skills than accounting. If you’re still learning or perfecting your business management skills, Insights is the boost you need. No more digging through data trying to make sense of things. When data is displayed appropriately, trends pop off the computer screen and more ah-ha moments are had, enabling you to know just what’s next for your business.


Where to find it: 

Insights is a part of Canopy Pro. 

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Click here to learn more about how to search data and use natural language processing to create answers.

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