I do, as always, have questions about the outbreak of armed conflict by the UK. That is unsurprising. I am a Quaker, but would add that I am not a pacifist: I recognise that there are occasions when war is unavoidable.

Some of those questions are:

  1. Why is this intervention required?
  2. Why is this intervention required now?
  3. Why is this intervention needed when no engagement is required in Gaza?
  4. How will the government know when this war should end?
  5. What will be the required evidence that the war has succeeded?
  6. What level of casualties will be tolerated?
  7. Why will those casualties be tolerated?
  8. Was there really no alternative to this action?

I am not convinced satisfactory answers to these questions can be supplied.

And I am troubled that we can find funding for a war, but not pay settlements. In that case, is this war really all about politics, as I fear?


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