Have you ever visited a sinseh (traditional Chinese doctors) at a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinic when he sprained his leg or drank a bottle of the hole (herbal tea) to relieve a sore throat? For some of you, you could even try ba guan (suction cups) or tui na (Chinese massage), which are non-drug pain relief treatments commonly used for muscle pain and strains. Growing up, I had my fair share of encounters with TCM, from drinking tonics to “boost” my brain power on exam days to adjusting my “qi” (energy) during a period when things were hectic. In fact, when I sprained my ankle for the first time, they took me to a sinseh for you na. Extremely painful but helped with the swelling. Source: Tenor But recently I realized that TCM clinics are full of middle aged either not local employees, and many of the ones I used to frequent have closed…

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