Diwali is a time of creating memories to last forever. Memories like festive anecdotes and glimpses of a fun-filled time amidst happiness and laughter.

However, what if these memories are surpassed by images of panic and terror caused by potential Diwali mishaps? Injuries/burns caused by firecrackers, road clashes due to smog, and property damages due to stray rockets entering your house are some instances that may dampen your festive spirit.

Hence, being prepared with insurance coverage against Diwali mishaps is important to shield your festive moments. Let us look at the different Diwali disasters that one may encounter and how to prepare against them.

Types of Insurance Coverage for Diwali Mishaps

As we get ready to welcome Diwali and go through the Diwali checklists, don’t miss out on checking the insurance plans and renewal dates. Since Diwali is associated with firecrackers and pollution, several minor to major burns, injuries, and accidents occur during this time. Hence, it is good to go back to check your policy renewal dates. And if you haven’t purchased coverage yet, buy a policy as soon as possible.

Types of Relevant Insurance Policies during Diwali:

a). Firecracker Insurance

Diwali celebrations are incomplete without firecrackers and their beautiful display in the sky. However, lighting firecrackers on Diwali may cause incidents of fire and minor to major accidents. It is indispensable to follow the safety guidelines while bursting crackers on Diwali. But despite precautions, if a mishap occurs, your firecracker insurance can work as a safety net.

b). Home Insurance for Diwali-related mishaps

Outbreak of fire at homes and apartments due to stray rockets and other firecrackers is quite common during Diwali. Sometimes, they may harm people as well as property, damaging furniture, fabrics, and other valuable items. Hence, home insurance to protect the expenses of Diwali-related mishaps may be a good idea to stay safe and at peace from such incidents.

In this regard, consider revisiting your home insurance policy document to check if the policy has expired. Renewing the plan on time may save you from the worries of mishaps that may damage your belongings.

c). Health Insurance for Firecracker-Related Injuries/illnesses

Firecrackers are potentially harmful as they contribute to smog and pollution, both air and noise pollution. Further, the fumes of firecrackers may be the cause of health deterioration among patients with Asthma, COPD, and respiratory tract infections. Firecrackers also cause burns, injuries, and accidents.

Sometimes, these incidents require the injured/ill to be hospitalized. With a comprehensive health insurance policy, you may get recompense for the costs of such expenses to sail through the tough times.

d). Personal Accident Insurance for Festive Gatherings

Having discussed the above insurance plans doesn’t mean that we can neglect personal accident (PA) insurance. The support of PA is seen in situations when there is an accident on the road during Diwali. As Such, many road accidents are reported every year during this time. By securing yourself with a minimal premium, you can obtain decent coverage under PA Insurance and get flexibility in terms of coverage under the plan.

e) Car Insurance

Major cases of car damage are reported during festival times like Diwali. These cases include firecracker damage to a car or harm to the people sitting inside the vehicle. Other common cases witnessed during Diwali are theft of vehicles, accidents, fire incidents, and vandalism.

A flexible car insurance plan will allow the insured to enhance coverage by including add-ons such as multiple driver coverage, windscreen coverage, and more.

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The Importance of Readily Available Contact Information

Availing of insurance plans to safeguard against Diwali mishaps is important. Equally important is to have the insurance provider’s contact information handy so that you can quickly contact them if an accident occurs.

So, remember to save the numbers of your insurance agent, customer support, and other relevant departments like claim settlement to get the process done effortlessly. Similarly, it is significant to understand the stepwise insurance claim procedure to raise claims smoothly.

Myth-Busting: Insurance and Festive Celebrations

Myth: Health insurance doesn’t support expenses of ailments caused during Diwali

Truth: Health insurance covers conditions that are included in the plan under regular coverage or as add-on coverage. For example, if a patient suffers an asthma attack due to pollution caused by Diwali firecrackers, the plan will cover the treatment expenses if it is included in the list of diseases covered under the plan. However, you need to complete the waiting period before getting coverage.

Myth: Health insurance will not help in case of PEDs or pre-existing diseases

Truth: Health insurance does cover PEDs. However, depending on the insurer, there is a waiting period that the insured has to go through before availing of PED coverage.

Myth: OPD facility will not be offered under my health insurance if my sugar or BP goes up during Diwali

Truth: You can receive all the regular coverages offered under your health policy, including the OPD facility during Diwali like in other times (provided your plan covers them)

To ensure safety against mishaps during festive celebrations is necessary. Insurance policy to protect against Diwali mishaps can benefit a family against damages and injuries and offer them peace of mind.

Raising Awareness and Preparedness

Diwali is a time to clean your house, shop for your family, and buy gifts to celebrate and welcome the occasion. Similar to these activities, one should take proactive measures to review insurance policies for their renewal dates and other aspects before getting immersed in the Diwali celebrations.

Further, it is equally significant to follow other safety practices like lighting crackers carefully and under the supervision of elders. Keeping the fire extinguisher and first aid box handy to avoid fire incidents during bursting firecrackers, among others.

Also, limit the consumption of sweets and snacks by being a mindful eater. Take extra care of the elderly in the family, especially those suffering from various diseases.


We cannot predict mishaps or accidents as they can come in any form and at any time. However, we can safeguard against mishaps by availing the benefits of insurance. Hence, it is a must to prioritize safety by buying/renewing insurance coverage and protecting your loved ones as well as your assets against damage during the festival season.

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