from a minimalist/financial independence extremist perspective ordinary books on good housekeeping practices (in case you need to learn it from a book ) just won’t cut it. In reality, when it comes to financial independence, information directed at “regulars” is often useless.

. Therefore, one must look elsewhere. I get my inspiration, not from ordinary money management books, but from books on systems theory, biology, early life (Neolithic), warfare, philosophy, expeditions, … (for investments, I use whatever the professionals use).

It still amuses me to talk to the rep when financial services companies call me trying to sell me their diversified asset allocation plans as if they somehow figured out the holy grail. One of those books is

Good boat handling

by Zora Aiken. On a boat, water, fuel (for cooking), and storage are in very short supply. Therefore, its use must be optimized. On land these cost money. If they are also optimized on land, money can be saved. The book (warning: I have one older than the one in the link) has a huge bulleted list of tips. Therefore, I am not going to list them all. Suffice to say, I’m amazed at how many things we store in our fridge that don’t really need to be stored in the fridge with any preparation (cheese, eggs, lettuce,…). This means a smaller fridge and therefore lower running costs. I’m quite old now (ha!) and I remember fridges getting progressively bigger and bigger throughout my life. There are other tips on how to avoid bugs when windows are open due to lack of air conditioning (air conditioning is bad!). One method suggests getting a gecko, but cautions that it won’t work if you have a cat or dog lest you start your own private food chain. There are also tips on how to keep the kids entertained (with gainful employment?) given the lack of TV (TVs suck!). How to wash clothes (clotheslines and rainwater), etc. This book is a keeper so I’m putting it on my wish list at

paperbackswap.com (I got it from the library). And almost 2 years later,

paperback exchange
He came through.
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