India’s rich culinary tradition allows people to enjoy various flavors in the form of assorted fruits and vegetables for numerous health benefits. Drumsticks are one of those wonderful vegetables, which is loaded with a pack of essential nutrients.

The drumsticks are known as moringa oleifera, which is derived from murungai, a Tamil word meaning twisted pod. Drumstick is a valuable vegetable as each and every part of the drumstick tree is beneficial. Therefore, it is called a superfood that has vital components for use in a large number of traditional medicines and wellness incentives.

For over a hundred years, drumsticks have been widely used in Indian culinary dishes. The vegetable has given a unique flavor to our cuisines in the form of sambhar, curries, with meat, soups, etc. The thighs are native to India and the tropical regions of South Asia, which produce between 1 and 1.3 million tons of this vegetable per year. Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, and the Philippines are other Asian countries where drumsticks grow.

Chopsticks are also known as moringa, horseradish tree, ben oil tree, etc. These are fast-growing trees that are cultivated for their seed pods and leaves, which have medicinal properties.

Drumsticks Nutrition Facts

As already mentioned, each and every part of a drumstick tree is beneficial. The thigh leaves are the most nutritious part of the plant containing iron, calcium, selenium, zinc and magnesium. The seeds and fresh pods of drumsticks are wonderful sources of oleic acid that promotes heart health. The benefits of moringa leaves can also be seen in its protein component (more than 9.8 grams of protein per 100 grams of leaves). The leaves, once dried and pulverized, serve as a source of amino acids.

Nutritional level of thigh per 100 grams

Energy 64 calories
carbs 8.28g
Dietary fiber 2.0 grams
Fat 1.40g
Protein 9.40 grams

Furthermore, drumsticks also have large amounts of vitamins and minerals like zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium, etc.

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Benefits of including Thighs in your Diet

Drumsticks strengthen our bones, especially among growing children. The presence of essential minerals such as phosphorus, calcium and iron help strengthen bones. It also alleviates the symptoms of osteoporosis among the elderly.
1. High in antioxidants and vitamin C, drumsticks strengthen your immune system and help fight common infections.
2. They promote intestinal health by helping the proper functioning of the digestive system
3. The drumstick vegetable helps control hypertension with the presence of its bioactive compounds such as niaziminin and isothiocyanate, which reduce the chances of high blood pressure.
4. Drumsticks are also known to reduce the growth of stones in the kidneys and gallbladder. Thus, they help improve kidney health.
5. Being low in calories and rich in minerals, fiber and vitamins, moringa has the ability to reduce blood sugar spikes to help regulate diabetes
6. They promote good vision with their eye-friendly nutrients and help treat dry eyes and cataracts.
7. Moringa is also useful in fighting various infections.
8. Drumsticks help to restrain the aggravation of edema with its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.
9. In addition, drumsticks also help improve liver health by protecting it from harmful toxins.
10. By regularly including chicken thighs in the diet, one can increase the antioxidant profile of your body and suppress the formation of cancer cells, thus reducing the risk of cancer.
11. Drumsticks are also said to be beneficial for pregnant and lactating women.
12. They are also said to improve skin health and delay the signs of aging. In fact, they are used for various beauty and skin health purposes.
13. Furthermore, drumsticks are also said to improve sperm count, fertility, and vitality among humans.

Drumstick Side Effects Vegetables

The thighs are a very nutritious vegetable. The flowers, seeds, leaves, and pods of the drumstick tree are safe to eat. But having large amounts of drumstick seeds or pods can show some side effects. Also, moringa root and root extracts are considered unsafe to consume as they contain spiroquine, which is a poisonous substance. The bark of drumsticks is not safe to eat as it can cause uterine contractions. It is also not advisable to consume drumsticks if you are taking thyroid medication.

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In conclusion
Drumsticks have tremendous nutritional benefits and vital therapeutic properties. This energy-packed vegetable is a great source of vitamins A, C, K, B complex and minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, etc. However, excess of anything is good and therefore the vegetable should be eaten at a moderate level on a regular basis. to get the best results.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Drumsticks Health Benefits, Nutrition, Uses, and Side Effects

Can chicken drumsticks qualify as a superfood?

Yes, chicken thighs are called superfoods because they are packed with valuable nutrients that enable various benefits of thighs for human health. This humble vegetable has been used to prepare many traditional medicines in Ayurveda to cure health problems.

Is it good to eat drumsticks daily?

Yes, one can eat chicken thighs regularly to improve blood flow and lower blood pressure. In addition, drumsticks also help control bone disorders and diabetes. The immune system is further activated. Thus, drumsticks can be added to different recipes like munga sabji, soup, curry, etc. to have them daily.

Do drumsticks provide heat to the body?

No, drumsticks potentially cool the body. If eaten regularly, drumsticks can help decrease your body heat.

Can pregnant women eat drumsticks?

Yes, drumsticks have some very essential nutrients, including folate, which women need during the prenatal period. If drumsticks are added to the diet of pregnant women, it can help them alleviate morning sickness, while also boosting energy levels. However, you can seek your doctor’s advice for any side effects.

What is the drumstick called in Hindi?

It is called Shajan tree in Hindi.

What is moringa?

Moringa is another name for drumsticks. The word is derived from murungai, a Tamil word meaning twisted pod.

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