With HDB’s property portals and resale portal now so established, buyers and sellers alike have begun to ask themselves: why do we still need real estate agents? Has Proptech evolved to the point where we can cut out the middlemen? The answer is not as clear as it seems. In any case, we are probably well placed to answer that question. For those who are new to us, we actually started Stacked as a platform to weed out the real estate agent. So while our business has evolved (yes, we work with agents now), we’ve been on both sides of the equation to understand why you can’t completely eliminate agent. Despite new technology, there may be contributions from real estate agents that a website simply cannot duplicate:

The role of real estate agents in the broader market

While home buyers and sellers make up the bulk of customers, the real estate market in general is more dependent on real estate agents than many might suspect. Drink for…

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