Charging ...

My old friend Prem (Lord) Sikka posted this Tweet last night:

The vote in question was to block changes to the Act that will now allow police the sole discretion of deciding when a demonstration is likely to cause a nuisance and is therefore allowed or not.

The Greens in the Lords planned a blocking motion that would have blocked this.

The LibDerms supported him.

So did many crossbench partners.

The bill could have been blocked.

But Labor said it was not their job to block government legislation in the Lords, so they abstained, letting the bill pass.

As a result, we now have a law that only allows protests with the permission of the police.

The police are institutionally racist. They are misogynistic. They are conspicuously on the right. And Labor gave them the power to determine the right to protest.

No wonder Prem was furious. Me too.

Two surveys:

Charging …


Charging ...
Charging …

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