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Stay on top of the health of your business with live data, easy-to-read visualizations, and the ability to save and share data and data visualizations. The answers you get from live data help you make data-driven decisions for your business, including information about clients, tasks, billing, time, or other areas of your practice. Without data, you’re shooting in the dark and don’t know how your business decisions help or hurt your company. Each board is available based on the purchase of the corresponding module.

General availability will be June 6.

Why it matters:

Data-driven decisions will help you fine-tune your accounting firm. With your data and data analysis tools under one roof, you can know what’s going on with your business at any time. With dashboards, you can:

    • Spend less time analyzing data.
    • Accelerate the speed of insights (live, non-exported, searchable data).
    • Keep one finger on the pulse of your practice (trending data, scheduled reports, alerts).

Uncover unknowns: Dig deep into your company data to find out where you’re most profitable, where you’re losing money, who’s the most efficient on your team, and more.

    • No more blind spots.
    • Use your data to identify more revenue-generating activities or changes you can make quickly.
    • Make better business decisions.

Democratize data: It’s hard to argue with data. When you equip your business with actionable data, you open the floodgates for innovation and problem solving – no data analytics experience necessary!

Where to find it:

Please see the Reports section on each of our product pages for more information.

Customer Management


Time and billing


Learn more about how information about your data will help enable success in your business.

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