Allstate’s latest numbers show that catalytic converter replacements among its customers grew 1,155% nationally between 2019 and 2022. You read that right: over a thousand percent!

And Allstate is not alone in this epidemic. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, an insurance industry trade organization, catalytic converter thefts nationwide increased 1,215% between 2019 and 2022.

In several states, Allstate saw replacements skyrocket well beyond the national rate during this time. In the Pacific Northwest, Oregon and Washington had increases of more than 7,000%. On the East Coast, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New York rounded out the top five states with increases of between 4,500% and 7,000%.

What’s the deal with catalytic converters, anyway? They control the exhaust emissions of your car. They also contain precious metals that attract thieves.

Range State Increase Range State Increase
1 Oregon +7,200% 7 Colorado +3,300%
2 Washington +7,150% 8 Tennessee +3,100%
3 Pennsylvania +6,950% 9 New Jersey +2,767%
4 Connecticut +6,400% 10 Snowfall +2,700%
5 NY +4,583% eleven Texas +2,217%
6 Missouri +4,000% 12 Arizona +2,200%
Top 12 states by increase in catalytic converter replacements from 2019 to 2022 (Allstate)

“Catalytic converter thefts have exploded during the pandemic,” says Craig Edmonds, Allstate’s vice president of auto physical damage claims. “Disruptions in the supply chain increased the value of these parts. And because they’re relatively easy to steal, gangs of thieves have swooped in, creating a multi-billion dollar black market enterprise. Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself from becoming a victim.”

Check your insurance coverage

full coverage like the one offered by Allstate may pay to repair or replace a covered vehicle damaged by vandalism, theft or attempted theft.

“Having the right insurance policy can be beneficial to both your wallet and your peace of mind,” says Edmonds. “Without comprehensive coverage, you could end up paying thousands of dollars in parts and repairs if your catalytic converter is stolen.”

Try to prevent theft

It can help make your catalytic converter, and your car, less attractive to thieves:

  • Park in well-lit areas and near building entrances.
  • If a garage is available, park inside and keep the garage door closed.
  • Use an alarm system to alert thieves that a vehicle is protected.
  • Check to see if your local repair shop or police department can help you. This may include:
    • Mount a steel plate or wiring cover directly to the catalytic converter to prevent it from being stolen.
    • Paint the converter a bright color and put your vehicle identification number (VIN) on it.

Allstate is a proud member of the National Association of Mutual Insurers (NAMIC), which has supported state legislation designed to reduce catalytic converter theft, including making it more difficult to re-sell stolen parts and imposing tougher penalties for thieves.

From comprehensive coverage to safe driving savings with Drivewise®, Allstate offers a range of affordable, simple and connected solutions to protect drivers and vehicles. Find out more at or follow @Allstate on social media.

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