As emerging technologies continue to reshape industries, tax departments are not exempt from the transformative power of innovation. In this era of rapid change, corporate tax professionals must stay ahead of the curve and leverage the latest tools and strategies to navigate the complex landscape of tax compliance.

To help you gain valuable insights and stay informed about the latest trends, we are excited to present a series of our top 3 webcasts featuring leading subject matter experts. Join us as we explore the impact of emerging technologies, effective risk reduction strategies, and the evolving landscape of indirect tax compliance. These webcasts are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the ever-changing world of tax management.

The emergence of new technologies is reshaping tax departments, allowing them to leverage new capabilities and transform technology into a competitive advantage. Technologies like AI, APIs, RPA, Big Data, and Blockchain offer significant value through convergence. However, building the right capabilities and skills to create an agile and dynamic ecosystem can be a challenge.

Join this webinar to learn from leading subject-matter experts about trends, emerging technologies, and their impact on tax departments.


In the past five years, tax departments have experienced resource strain, increasing the risk of audits and penalties. However, some have successfully balanced their workload and achieved goals by implementing automation to enhance team efficiency. With the ongoing transformation of work processes through artificial intelligence, jobs are rapidly changing. To thrive, tax departments need adaptable and resilient operations.

Attend the webinar based on the 2023 State of the Corporate Tax Department Report to gain valuable insights on avoiding audits and penalties, achieving efficiency goals through automation, and preparing for AI and automation in the future.


Governments worldwide are implementing new requirements for e-invoicing and real-time reporting, making tax compliance more complex. To navigate this landscape effectively, companies must address e-invoicing compliance strategically and promptly. Join our webinar to gain insights from industry experts on the latest developments and receive a practical checklist of operational steps to ensure compliance and avoid business disruption.

Discover key strategies to simplify evolving regulations, provide data governance, engage with crucial stakeholders, leverage data and technology, and understand the benefits of e-invoicing.


The world of tax management is undergoing a profound transformation, driven by emerging technologies and evolving regulatory landscapes.  These webinars provide a wealth of knowledge and practical strategies for leveraging new technologies, reducing risks, and ensuring compliance in an increasingly complex environment.

Technology solutions like ONESOURCE are designed to manage changing regulations, automate calculations, and help organizations create processes that are fit for purpose for this new era.

Don’t miss out on this chance to stay ahead of the curve and position your tax department for success. Register now, and join us on this exciting journey of innovation and growth in the world of tax management.







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