Father’s Day is this coming Sunday. Did you get something for the dads in your life? Dads can be hard to shop for. Trust me, I’m a dad and I don’t want to buy anything. I absolutely do not want anything that is not useful. Please don’t buy anything that sits around gathering dust. It costs money and will make the place even messier. The best bet is to get an upgrade to replace something that is wearing out. There are plenty of gift guides out there for the typical working dad, so I’m writing for the early-retired dads reading this site. Feel free to pass this on to your wife and kids if you think this is helpful.

*Originally written in 2016. Updated in 2023.

1 time

Any stay-at-home parent wants a little more time to do what they want. Time was a precious commodity when our son was young. But it’s so much better now that he’s going to school. However, summer is almost here. We will spend a lot of time together again. I really want to play sports and attend fun events in the city.

To give the gift of time, I would look for an affordable week-long summer day camp in your area. That’s a great gift for a stay-at-home parent with young children.

Another way to give dad a little time is to buy a complex toy for the child. RB40Jr used some of the money from his piggy bank to buy the First Order transporter from LEGO Star Wars. He spent 2 days putting it together and he loves it. He decked out the transporter with all the lasers, missiles, and soldiers he had. He is quite intimidating.

2. Barbecue

All dads love to grill, right? BBQ accessories are a perennial Father’s Day gift for a reason. Check the grill to see if you can get a good accessory. I would love a warming rack to keep food off the heat on our grill. Also, check the grill brush. If it’s as dirty as mine, I bet your dad would appreciate a new fancy brush for barbecue grills.

If you’re on a big budget, here’s a barbecue smoker I have in mind: the Pit Barrel Cooker. It has rave reviews and promises to be the easiest way to smoke ribs. We moved to a house and now we have more space for a barbecue. Unfortunately, I’m trying to eat healthier, so smoked meat is out. Barbecue is great once in a while, but it’s unhealthy if you eat it too often.

3. Kitchen stuff

As a stay-at-home parent, I cook every day of the week. I’m sure most dads have to cook too. We appreciate having good tools in the kitchen. Look around the kitchen and see if there is anything that gets used a lot. A good chef’s knife is a must because preparing with dull knives is no fun. If you still have the crap knives from college, it’s time to upgrade to something better. JA Henckels makes good knives at an affordable price. Check out Wusthof if you’re an aspiring master chef.

Another option is a new skillet. I just got a new nonstick skillet from OXO for around $50. Nonstick pans lose their effectiveness after a while. I usually cook in my carbon steel skillet, but we still need a nonstick skillet for pancakes and other delicate recipes.

Just see what’s used the most and get an update.

4. Daddy’s Juice

Mom has her mom’s juice, so dad needs some too. I personally love a good local IPA. You know your guys best, so you know what to buy them. If they love beer and you have the space, check out a homebrewing kit. I’d love to try one of these starter kits, but we don’t have the space. I guess it’s good that we live in a small condo. It really helps with the whole frugal thing.

*I rarely drink beer. I need to lower my triglyceride level. 🙁

5. Shaving Kit

Shave, every dad has to… I recently switched to a safety razor and I like it. The blades are super cheap and the shave is good. It is the cheapest option in the long run.

If you like the 4-blade system better, check out Dorco. They make good razor cartridges at a reasonable price.

6. Hawaiian shirts

Getting a Hawaiian shirt is what you do when you turn 40; accept it Hawaiian shirts make great gifts for stay-at-home dads. I wear them on special occasions when a t-shirt just won’t do. I even got a compliment at summer camp. Kids love Hawaiian shirts. Yes, life is hard for us stay-at-home parents.

7. New board games

I hate the board game Monopoly. RB40Jr is obsessed with Monopoly and chess. Everyone is tired of playing the same board games over and over again, so let’s do something new. There are plenty of age-appropriate board games. Our latest acquisition is Azul. It is a fun board game.

8. boxers

Check the underwear drawer. If the underpants are tattered, get him some nice new ones. I would skip Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, and the other common brands. Those cheap boxers don’t look good. I like the 100% cotton boxers from Gap.

9. Virtual reality headsets

The ultimate “leave me alone” kit! On second thought, these probably aren’t the best gifts if you want the dads to be present. Apple’s new Vision Pro VR looks amazing. But the price is a bit high for now. I’ll wait for the technology to improve and the price to drop before buying one. I hear that it is quite uncomfortable after 30 minutes of use.

10. Go out with the lady

Get a babysitter and take your guy out for dinner and drinks this weekend. It’s great to spend family time at home, but spending time as a couple is also necessary. We are going to try a new restaurant this Thursday. I prefer to avoid the crowd on Sunday. We’ll hang out at home and relax.

That is all that I have. What do you think of my list? What would you like for Father’s Day?

Happy Father’s Day!

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